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Fisher Products LLC solar skylight covers comes in five standard sizes for selected Dome Skylights only.  All other skylights will require custom skylight shades. Solar skylight shades are available in two colors, dark brown and light gray.  Color selection should be based only upon the color of your roof. There is no difference in the functionality of the 2 colors.  If you do not know the size of your skylights, our Measuring page will show you how to obtain the correct measurements required for a custom fit and pricing.

Place Order Here for your Standard Size 
Square and Rectangular DOME Cover
in 80% 0r 90% Block
Dark Brown or Light Gray
Standard dome size
is the size of your frame.

Prices starting at $38.75

Place Order Here for Custom Size of 
Square Dome,
Rectangular Dome,
Flat  Glass,
Continuous Ridge,
Cluster Dome,
Multiple Dome or
Barrel Vaulted Rounded Ends 
Skylight Covers Here! 

Enter the the required measurements for your skylight as shown on the Measuring page. 

The 90% material is a heavier material and may show wrinkles in the corners of the dome. 

Order Your Custom Size Skylight Cover Here Use decimal for fractions
Measurement A:
Measurement B:
Measurement C:


Skylight Type:

Place Order Here for Custom
Round Dome,
Barrel Vaulted Flat Ends,
Trapazoid and
Other skylight configurations. Please use this order form if you have correctly calculated your price manually as shown on our Measuring page or call us for a quote before you place your order on line.

Enter the the required measurements for your skylight in inches to the nearest .25 inch.  You will need to add 10% to the calculated price if you order the 90% material. 

Obtain quote first.
Price For One
Measurement A required
Measurement B required
Measurement C required
Measurement D
Measurement E
Measurement F

Select Domed Sizes Skylight Covers Are Ready to Ship
Size: Standard sizes for conventional dome skylights with square or rectangular frames are available for 2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4', 3'x3' & 4'x4' only and are representative of the size of the frame. For instance, a 2 x 2 dome skylight would have a 2' by 2' frame with a dome. Our standard sizes are available for you to order now and normally ship within a few days of receiving your order.
Always Measure For A Custom Skylight Cover
If you need a size other than the standard dome sizes above please see our Measuring page to determine your exact size to place a custom order on line now or Contact Us for pricing. All flat glass skylights and non standard dome size skylights will require custom
Custom sizes can be made for most skylight configurations. When ordering a custom size please use decimal format rather than fractions (ex. 50.5 - not 50 1/2).

Flat Glass Covered in Gray
Multiple Dome Skylight

Fisher Products LLC custom skylight covers are normally manufactured within 10 business days of receiving the order and shipped via UPS ground.
Ask us about our 100% light and heat block material if you need a complete block out. This material is more often used on commercail skylights in museums and auction houses for special events where no light or heat should pass through the skylight lens. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.


Specialty Skylights require meauring and a quote.  Email us at or call us at 803-222-4107.

Color Selection:  Color selection should be made based upon the color of your roof if the skylight can be seen from the ground. Both colors offer the same protective properties.
80% VERSUS 90%: The 80% product blocks up to 80% of the heat rays from the sun and decreases the light by approximately 50 to 60% depending upon the time of year, sun angle, clouds, etc. The 90% material blocks up to 90% of the heat rays from the sun and decreases the light slightly more than the 80% material. 
SPECIALTY MATERIAL: We offer a 100% light and heat block material.  If interested call for detials. For those who like to use our material on other projects call us for a price on material alone. 
ROLL WIDTH:  Our rolls come in 96 inch width. Any skylight with a  dimension greater than the roll width will require a seam.
SHIPPING: All orders are shipped UPS ground unless otherwise requested. 
Standard size product ships within 3 business days.  Custom product ships within 10 business days.
Standard size product ships within 5 business days.  Custom product ships within 12 business days.

Listed to the right are shipping and handling charges for the lower 48 states. You must select the correct shipping region at checkout. All international orders including those over $200 will be charged actual shipping charges to be incurred to be determined after the order has been placed and based upon the weight and size of the outbound shipment.

Product Prices             S&H
$ 10.00   -    50.00       $ 6.95
$ 50.01   -  100.00       $ 9.95
$100.01  -  150.00       $10.95
$150.01  -  200.00       $11.95
$200.00+                    free

Custom Pricing
Use the table below to determine the price of your custom skylight covers.  Remember to add shipping and, if applicable, state tax.  See Measuring page to determine square foot size.

Square footage of material required
Cost per square foot  80%
Cost per square foot  90%
less than 20 square feet
$8.10 per square foot
$8.90 per square foot
20 to 50 square feet
$6.10 per square foot
$6.70 per square foot
50 to 200 square feet
$4.75 per square foot
$5.25 per square foot
greater than 200 square feet
$3.95 per square foot
$4.35 per square foot

At checkout we offer many payment options including secure credit card,  Paypal, mail order, money order, or put your phone number on the checkout form and we will call you!
Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal! Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Hand Made in the USA!     A green energy saving product!

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