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Fisher Products offers solar skylight covers and skylight screens known as  the HeatBlockers!

Solar skylight covers are skylight shades that reduce skylight heat and glare and easily slip over the outside of the skylight to decrease the sun's heat transfer into your home or office while providing light and outward visability. Our product can be used on both commercial skylights and residential skylights.

Benefits of the HeatBlocker Solar Skylight Covers!

  • Reduce your air conditioning bill in summer by blocking up to 80% of the heat generated from your skylight while letting light through your skylight.
  • Reduce furniture and carpet fading due to UV from your skylight.
  • Reduce wind chill factor and frost build-up on your skylight in winter.
  • Reduce broken skylight lens during hail storms.
  • Can be used to cover clear, bronze or frosted skylights.
  • Reasonable Skylight Shades Product Prices. 
  • HeatBlocker skylight covers are easy to Install.

Construction: HeatBlockers primary component is constructed of a flame retardant and tough vinyl-coated polyester fabric. This woven mesh fabric is mildew and fade resistant. A premium quality marine grade elastic shock cord is installed. HeatBlocker skylight shades are not recommended for skylights that vent or open as the HeatBlocker edges can get caught in the skylight seal when the skylight is closed.

Size: Standard sizes of HeatBlockers skylight shades are available for 2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4', 3'x3' & 4'x4' for dome skylights. Selected standard sizes will fit most skylights of that size. Custom sizes are available for both dome, flat  and other skylights. Standard sizes may be returned.  Custom sizes may not be returned since they are made per customer specifications.

Warranty: HeatBlocker solar skylight covers are solar skylight shades that comes with a one-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

HeatBlocker solar skylight screens reduce skylight heat and glare to increase the enjoyment of your skylight!
Solar Skylight screens can save you money  Sun control fabrics offer multiple green benefits, including energy savings, protection of interiors from harmful UV rays, environmental certifications for fabric content and indoor air quality, recyclability and sustainability. The HeatBlocker skylight shades will cover your skylight providing similar benefits as window and skylight blinds but allows outward visability for your optimum skylight enjoyment.
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Hand Made in the USA!     A green engery saving product!

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