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Easy to install skylight covers and screens.

Installation: Installed by slipping the HeatBlocker skylight screen over the skylight and securing the elastic cord either on or under the skylight frame. No drawing or tying of the elastic cord is necessary. During the winter months, the HeatBlocker skylight cover can be removed for access to solar heat. Notice our product is easily installed on the outside of the skylights to prevent heat from transferring through the lens into the living or work space below as opposed to skylight blinds that are installed on the inside and allow heat to transfer through the skylight lens.  Our skylight blinds are a lot differnet than traditional skylight blinds that will not allow you to see through the skylight when the blinds are closed.

Here is what it looks like from the roof with a solar skylight screen installed.

Multiple Dome Skylight Screen

Below is what it looks like from inside.  A customer took the following pictures from different angles of the 90% block to show us what it looks like inside their home with a solar skylight screen on one skylight and no skylight screen on a second skylight next to it.  Notice how the glare is reduced and it is much easier to see through the skylight when the sun is shining. Which would you rather have?


A fast and easy way to save on utility bills.

On rare occasions a skylight frame may have very sharp corners that can poke a hole through the skirting material.  This is the reason we use the skirting material as it should not continue to tear if this happens.  Very sharp corners may be dulled with a file before installing the HeatBlocker to reduce the possibility of wearing a hole in the skirting material. 
On rare occasions a skylight frame may have knife edges. Knife edges are capable of cutting through the material.  It is recommened to dull the knife edges of the frame prior to installing. This may be done with a file or any other way you choose.
Please keep in mind the corners of the Fisher Products solar screen is left open.  This is by design and does not mean the product has torn, ripped or come unsewn.
Normally, the Fisher Products bungee system grips at the lip of the skylight frame. In rare instances a skylight may not have a lip as the frame is flush with the box the skylight frame is mounted on.  The HeatBlocker bungee system is strong enough to grip around the frame if there is not a lip.  In this case, do not measure to the roof for your lip measurement.  The lip measurmet should be to the depth of the skylight frame.

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